Gretta Van Riel Review

Gretta van Riel is really a serial entrepreneurship and social networking influencer who has built companies like SkinnyMeTea, The 5th Watches, Drop Bottle, Hey Influencer, and many, many more. The Australian is among the biggest names in influencer marketing, with 16 million fans spread across her social channels!

She talked to Eric about her ventures as an entrepreneur, how influencer marketing changed her business, and how to become an influencer.

Gretta first founded SkinnyMe Tea while working full time in an electronic digital marketing role at a print agency transitioning to digital agency. She'd had done a lot of detoxes in the marketplace during the time and was out of new healthy cleanses to try.

What is Start and Scale?

Foundr cooperates with Gretta Van Riel to create the Start and Scale course. The course has more than 100,000 students today, that is the most used eCommerce course in the world.

Unlike other eCommerce courses in the marketplace, this course teaches you how to create a sustainable eCommerce brand from scratch. What it indicates is your online store will last for a long time and would manage to generate a steady stream of passive income for you.

Other eCommerce courses tend to coach you on how to create a dropshipping store and sell low-quality products, which only lasts for a few months due to bad products and customer reviews.

But Start and Scale course is different. You're planning to learn to create your personal brand and market it. It's a more sustainable business design because you would be developing a long-term asset. Also, with a trademarked brand, others cannot copy you and take the company from you.

Who is Gretta Van Riel?

Gretta Van Riel is really a young entrepreneur situated in Australia. She has generated several multi-million dollar eCommerce brands including SkinnyMe Tea (SMT) and 5TH Watches.

Along with her marketing knowledge, she can be tech-savvy and has generated the marketing software “Hey Influencer”, which connects brands with influencers.

The Start and Scale course is defined on a mission to coach you on how to reproduce the success of SMT and 5TH using Gretta's marketing strategies.

You might wonder if Gretta's success is a results of first mover advantage which allows her to scale her business quickly when there are few people selling products on Instagram.

In another word? Could you still produce a six-figure eCom brand?

If you simply have a go through the statistics, you'll know it's absolutely possible. The eCommerce sector is rapidly growing while the Internet has be accessible in different areas of the planet, not forgetting that buying things online is currently a standard practice among huge numbers of people across the world.

If Grett's model isn't replicable, where do the success stories of her students result from?

Can You Join Start and Scale Instantly?

Rather than joining the waitlist and looking forward to months, you will get VIP usage of the course here:

Or if you're not so sure, you can register for the free masterclass first and see if you prefer Gretta's teaching style.

When you have any questions, here's the Start and Scale FAQ that will help you scamrisk.